ACUPUNCTURE & MOXIBUSTION by Nanjing University of the Arts

The work takes "acupuncture" as the theme, and takes 64 kinds of diseases, 59 kinds of complications, 361 normal meridians, 52 ear points, 15 human meridians, 6 kinds of basic acupuncture methods, 4 kinds of methods of tonifying and relieving and 745 times of acupoint application recognized by the United Nations as the design objects, presenting acupuncture treatment methods under different diseases, taking the relevant information of symptomatic acupuncture points, acupuncture methods and acupuncture time as the venation, reflecting the traditional acupuncture in China In the manipulation (twirling, lifting and inserting) and acupoint selection (body acupuncture and ear acupuncture), the acupuncture is performed according to the different symptoms.