Daily Temperature Trends Around the World by Cédric Scherer Data Visualization Design

​The circular visualizations show the average daily temperatures from 2011 to 2020 for selected major cities around the world. The cities were purposefully selected to represent different seasonal patterns, temperature ranges and regions of the world.

The temperature trends are encoded by position on the polar coordinate system and by common color-temperature association with red-brown being hot (adjusted for accessibility) and blue representing cold temperatures. Annotations label the temperature on two different scales, as degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.

In the main graphic, the cities are sorted by latitude, visualizing the change from cold winters and hot summers (Northern latitudes) to stable temperatures (equator) to cold winters and hot summers (Southern latitudes). The latitude is illustrated by a secondary color encoding applied to each city name. Specific city labels annotated along the legend aim to help the viewer to match cities to the latitudes. In the alternative version, cities are sorted by average daily temperature across all years.

​The visualizations were created as a personal contribution to the​ second​ #​30DayChartChallenge in ​April 202​2​. The data preparation and circular visualizations were created in R with ggplot2​. The overall graphics were created in Figma​.