Visualizing British Newspapers by Erik Nylund

The infographic describes the British Library's daily newspaper archive in general and the development of British daily newspapers in particular.
The material consists of:
- A print, approximately 3x1 meters in size, which is part of an exhibition at the library. The infographic describes the development of the British daily newspapers in different aspects. It contains a timeline with important historical events, longest lasting newspapers, most used title words and more.
- An interactive map, showing the archive's more than 36,000 titles and where they are located. The data, which is extracted from an external file, is processed and visualized. It shows number of titles in each country, on a map or in charts. It also shows number of languages in each country. The map allows the user to zoom and pan, in order to reach the smaller countries. There is also a timeline in the bottom, which allows the user to narrow the number of titles within a specific timeperiod. The code is entirely created by me.
- Four animations, based on the data in the interactive map. The animations highlight some highlights from the data from the map and the daily newspaper archive. As an example, the map reveals the fact that there was a large number of german newspapers in United states. One of the animations reflects this phenomenon.

The map and animations may also be viewed here: