In 2020, the pandemic brought the world to a complete standstill. Our reality was limited to the 4 or 5 walls of our house. Our homes became our whole world.

On the other hand, media pressure had never been so strong or so focused on one topic. All that was being talked about on the news was the virus. But the way the story was told was a novelty for people, because it was done entirely by means of bar charts, pie charts, dot maps, histograms, etc... that is to say, every day was like a data visualisation festival.


It was then, finding ourselves living in a small world besieged by graphs, that we decided to create Couple In Data. A log of our life as a couple during the pandemic, told through data visualizations inspired by the objects around us.

In this way, we would be able to create a more human, more real and less cold portrayal of data and data visualisations; how data is able to tell stories and connect with people around the world. Moreover, we must confess that it was great relationship therapy for us.

Humor was also a fundamental part of the process and the visualizations.


Through the objects, the style of our visualisations evolved, as the objects we used contain an intrinsic narrative charge that connects in a remarkable way with people.

Every day we built our database, we made sketches of what we wanted to communicate and then we took the photo. We always tried to retouch as little as possible so as not to lose the authenticity that so defines the project.

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