My Superspreader Friends by University of Europe for Applied Sciences

It all started when some of my closest friends and I tested positive for COVID back in December 2021. We tried to keep track of who was the one who had the first symptoms, but the information got lost in the multiple texts we sent. I decided to collect all the information and visualize it in a way so that we could understand it better. I came up with a timeline dataviz, where each of us is represented by a distinct dot of color. I added symbols as needed to represent the different attributes for each dot (boosted, symptomatic, close contact, etc.)

I drafted the first dataviz idea in a piece of paper and then worked on the visualization on Adobe Illustrator. A first version of this dataviz was published on Behance. The most up-to-date viz is the one I am submitting for this edition of the IIBA.