Prodigioso Volcán GPS17 by Prodigioso Volcán

At Prodigioso Volcán, we want to accompany organizations in their transformation process towards more sustainable models. That is why we have created a methodology capable of working on the commitment of companies and institutions from a holistic perspective. (you can find all the information here:

We work with our clients in our on-site and virtual events to help them understand and improve their commitment to sustainable transformation.

In this context, we have designed the GPS17, a tool created for companies to connect their commitment with the goals defined in the ODS established by the United Nations Organization.

To make this dendrogram, we first dumped the data into an Excel sheet, sorted them into groups depending on which SDGs they correspond to. Once they are circled, we apply colour to each branch to identify them with the corresponding SDG. The nodes representing each goal are left empty for the workshop participants to fill in depending on which specific goals they want to work on in their company. In this way, we help them to order their tasks and to do so according to the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals on a roadmap. That is why we have called it GPS.