A visual history of "multiculturalism" in Sweden - and the society's attitude towards it by birmingham city university

This story aims to show and tell the visual history of immigration in Sweden. It also shows the history of people's attitudes towards immigration and integration.

I wrote this article ahead of the elections in Sweden (September 11th), and integration was one of the main political issues. The political discourse and debates from most left- and right-wing parties focussed on the failed integration policies.

I‘m an immigrant. Sweden is one of the most diverse countries in the west, and it has favoured integration instead of assimilation in the past.

I wanted to take people back to this point in history when the multiculturalism law was adopted legally and highlight the major events since then and now.

In a survey on Twitter, I learnt that majority of the respondents (young and old) didn’t know about this law and had an exaggerated view of the share of the foreign-born population from outside Europe. I used this information to choose the insights that I highlighted.

Twitter survey: https://twitter.com/karthik_muth/status/1562731815169048576

source code: https://github.com/karthik-muth/karthik-muth.github.io/tree/main/multiculturalism

In the article, I linked to another article where readers can explore the diversity(number of nationalities) in every area in Sweden: https://karthik-muth.github.io/diversity