Here Comes The Sun by George Koursaros

Weather is a topic that often comes up in casual conversation, and in an international world of many backgrounds, I have been increasingly interested in the weather and length of the day, which is experienced in different parts of the world across the year.
This visualization explores the hours of sunlight for every latitude across the globe, for every day of the year. With it, you can answer questions along the lines of:
1. How many hours of sunlight are there in France on the 25th of January?
2. How much sunlight do countries at 40N latitude have in the summer versus the winter?
3. Which areas (latitudes) of the globe have 0 hours of sunlight during the summer months?

This visualization plots all combinations of days of the year and latitudes in a single chart, using trigonometry. Clicking on a latitude will reveal all the relevant countries in the background map.

The hours of sunlight data is computed in Python using trigonometry.