The Most Dangerous U.S. States to Reside In (if you are not a cisgender man) by Leonardo Nicoletti

For this project, I collaborated with another data enthusiast, Caroline Cullinan, to build a tool (and a story) for Female Assigned at Birth (AFAB) and Femme Folx to better understand which states can be considered more or less dangerous in the context of U.S. institutions that perpetuate gender-based harm and the potential Roe vs. Wade overturn. In building this story, we combined five different data-sets to calculate an “Overall Danger Index” for each individual U.S. state.

The idea behind the central visual element used in this project (radial bar chart), which was inspired by one of W.E.B. Dubois's visionary data visualizations (found on the cover of the book W.E.B. Dubois's Data Portraits: Visualizing Black America).

I am especially proud of this piece because it was built on a tight timeline with limited resources (both Caroline and I had full time jobs, and this was a purely personal/passion project), in response to the May 2nd, 2022, Politico Leak regarding a potential Roe vs. Wade overturn. We published it on May 16th, 2022, exactly two weeks after the leak.