A single chart explainer on the inflation picture in the UK (August 2022) by n/a

Bio: I am an information designer and data sonification artist. I'm passionate about creating short, impactful data stories as well as nuanced, complex data-rich long reads. Throughout the design process I try to be guided by a key principle. The words, data visualizations and pictures presented to the audience should work together in harmony. A harmony which is developed iteratively, collaboratively and over time. My professional background is in academic research and statistics. I live in Leeds (UK) and love to spend my spare time on experimenting with, and making, music.

Project description:

This entry was created as part of a personal project to add to my portfolio.

My objective: create a single chart explainer on the inflation picture in the UK, as things stand in August 2022, that answers the questions:
• How quickly has inflation increased?
• How high might inflation go this Winter?
• Is inflation just coming from rising energy bills? Or, is it an issue more widely across the economy?

The target audience: This visualisation is for a general audience in the UK. Someone with no training in economics. Someone who does not read the financial pages of the paper. Someone who is aware that prices are rising. Someone who is concerned about this.

Process: My process involved working iteratively over three stages: (1) Understand the audience and objectives; (2) Preparation and research; and, (3) development of the data visualisation. I received helpful feedback throughout from the Elevate Data Viz community.

For more information see: https://chris-martin-information-design.netlify.app/process/short-data-stories. On this webpage you can find: links to the data sources; the text that accompanies and explains the data visualisation; and, a more extensive description of my process for producing this piece.