Too blind for the stars by Politecnico di Milano

I have never been to Singapore but I found that if I took a nice evening walk my eyes would not experience any kind of nocturnal adaptation because the artificial twilight is so bright that it simulates the day. Every year 3 billion of energy is dispersed in the sky. This means that around 600 million trees would need to be planted to offset that figure. Light pollution is an ever-expanding problem but there are things that can be done to reduce it, just think that 35% of it comes from poor direction of outdoor lights or that in America most people sleep with the lights on for an average of 3 nights a week. This posters aim to raise awareness on this huge problem which is usually underestimated. In Italy there is this tradition according to which on August 10th everyone has to make a wish by looking at the stars, let's make a commitment to keep doing it!