Visual-paralysis by 鲁迅美术学院

Relevant literature points out that human visual intensity experience, that is, people's ability to visually accept and perceive images, comes from "eye" in "Bodies". Human perception of visual intensity can be related to social health, medicine, mood and other issues. For example, hallucinogenic drugs can produce a large number of hallucinations, which can make people produce huge visual images to form a strong visual impact, which is also one of the important factors that make people crazy and obsessed with drugs. Based on the above inspiration, the work is a visual analysis to judge people's visual stimuli based on human's acceptance and experience of images, that is, people's reactions to different visual impacts. We use Touch Designer (TD) and Processing to realize the "algorithm generation" technology of visualization. Starting from simple graphics, we generate graphics with different levels under the operation of the machine. Through user evaluation, we test the similarities and differences of human perception of visual intensity

Goal: the set of work is inspired by the above research results, attempt to people of the visual image and awareness, as well as people exposed to different visual impact brought about by the reaction by visual language expression to verify everyone is related to the intensity of the graphics and visual differences and strong visual shield is people's visual perception judgment or a visual analysis of stimulus.

Data: Based on the same computer software to generate different graphic language, from complex to simple, questionnaires were issued to different groups of people for random detection, so as to obtain the survey results

Methods: Generate information graphics through the calculation and image generation functions of TD and Processing software, clean and classify the collected data, and adjust the functional relationship between data and TD software on the premise of ensuring the objectivity of data. The results of the questionnaire generated in the final verification of the relevant differences between the graph and the visual intensity. Visual strong shield is a visual analysis to judge people's visual perception or stimulus.

Results: Through the test, the visual perception of the interviewees has a certain difference. The visual sensitivity of male students is stronger than that of female students. The image with higher color brightness and brightness has higher visual intensity. The larger the contrast difference between the same main visual object background and the object, the stronger the visual intensity; At different ages, the sensitivity to visual intensity is higher between 16 and 28.