World Cup 2014 Predictions & Results by Bloomberg Graphics

Following the final drawing of World Cup 2014 participants last December, Bloomberg Sports assigned each national team a distinctive rating. BSports then simulated each match of the tournament over 100,000 times to create a highly probable projection for every potential outcome of the World Cup. The results determined BSports’ projections for each team’s odds of beating any other team as well as their final finish within the tournament.

Using this data, Bloomberg Visual Data created a data visualization product that showcases these projections. Group play matches are represented by stacked bar charts that show the likelihood of winning or tying, while the knockout stage are presented as brackets, with the ability to highlight any team's potential path to victory. Using BSports’ projections as a starting point, users may pick the outcome of each match to create and share their own predictions. The predictions tool then applies BSports’ odds to each match and calculates the winner of the Cup as well as that team’s probability of winning.

The World Cup results page shows the tournament’s current standings. On match pages, projected outcomes and scores are presented prior to game play. Following a match these projections are replaced with the actual outcomes and each team’s odds of winning the Cup are recalculated. Detailed information on any given pairing of teams can be found as well as a schedule of every match.