2023 Meteor Shower Calendar by Positive Thinking Company

I love watching meteor showers and the magic that comes with them. While searching for more information on when to look at the sky to spot them, I came across a dataviz by Michela Lazzaroni (https://www.behance.net/gallery/75126385/Shooting-Stars-La-Lettura-347-dataviz) about them and discovered the International Meteor Organization's meteor shower calendar.
At the same time it was a challenge from the SWD community around cyclic data. I thought about how to show that this data is (mostly) cyclical, and came up with a radial graph. The initial visualization of the data was done with Tableau and it is interactive.
The International Meteor Organization incorporated this data visualization into their meteor shower calendar page, as they liked this "tool": https://www.imo.net/resources/calendar/.

In the new version, my goal was to create a poster (A2 format, static) that I could use at home, or that could even be used in schools in science class. I added data on the phases of the moon, as they have a great influence on meteor observation.

My goal was for the reader to quickly understand when the biggest showers occur, while looking closer for details on each shower. All showers are labeled to avoid going back and forth between the graphic and the legend containing the list of showers. I tried to maximize the number of marks that could be used to display the data while keeping the first interpretation rather simple (large bright shapes associated with greater meteoric activity) (use of color to represent rain brightness, use of distance to center to represent meteor velocity...).
I chose the colors and font to match the nighttime, starry atmosphere of meteor viewing, while having a circle in the center is a reminder that the earth is at the center of the falling stars.

My intention was also to encourage people, especially children, to look at the sky at night and be more curious about meteor activity, and even to share their own observations with IMO to further knowledge about them.