Resilient Roots by University of Cincinnati

This infographic educates the audience on the history of Black hairstyles including braids, cornrows, afros, locs and straight hair and how they relate to Black-American history. For this project I had to research my topic and collect 75 pieces of information from my primary article and 5 secondary articles, then visualize and design the complex data/information. A dynamic grid was used to place the information accordingly around the head/braid timeline. I wanted every aspect of the infographic to pertain to Black culture, this included the style and typeface choice. The overall style of the infographic took inspiration from the work of Black designer, Emory Douglas, who was the Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. He used bold thick lines, a limited color palette, and textured patterns to depict and inform people on Black-American oppression. The typeface I chose for the title, headings, and callouts is called VTC Bayard, named after Bayard Rustin, a close advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. and was inspired by signs from the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. It was created by Black designer, Tré Seals. His goal as a designer is to increase diversity and empathy in the design industry by introducing a non-stereotypical piece of minority culture into the deign with typography. I chose this typeface specifically because it’s bold, has character, and it is inspired by signage from a movement in the history that I am discussing in this infographic.