How Do We Get America Vaccinated? Vaccine persona explainer by Daisy Chung, Julia Janicki

This was a data-driven explainer detailing what “psychobehavioral segmentation” is and how we can use this approach to drive vaccine uptake. Rather than just looking at demographics, the approach divides people into segments (personas) based on their behaviors, motivations, and beliefs, which allows us to understand individual’s unique barriers and develop targeted solutions.

We used our nationally representative survey data of 2,747 U.S. adults as the backbone of the visual explainer. We explored various ways of displaying the data and decided that D3 animated circles can best show how each segment, when created based on people’s barriers and beliefs, includes at least some of every demographic, demonstrating that targeting demographics alone is not enough.

The final project, accompanied by a full report, step-by-step framework, and press releases, was able to provide a resource package for local decision makers to easily apply such an approach to their communities to increase vaccine uptake. We also collaborated with several health orgs to develop pilot programs within their priority groups with the explainer as a key asset, allowing us to make a timely impact with our project that goes beyond just explaining an approach.

For more in-depth process, check out the writ-up here: