Build Up Nepal by Sarah Moore

Unreliable employment, crowded living conditions, vulnerability to health issues, and unsafe housing in rural Nepal worsened following the 2015 earthquakes, destroying more than 800,000 homes. Many of the jobs found since then were lost during the Coronavirus pandemic, and thousands of people returned to their rural villages. BUILD UP NEPAL has sought a green solution to fight for economic recovery and sustainable restoration to this resilient country.

"We empower rural entrepreneurs to start their own micro-construction enterprises, producing eco-friendly bricks and building resilient, low-cost houses."

I partnered with Viz for Social Good to help visualize Build Up Nepal's data to communicate their impact to key stakeholders including communities and government in Nepal and funders. The visuals also help elevate the conversation about safe, hygienic housing in rural areas and the importance of prioritizing last mile infrastructure in development plans.