Hubble's 30-year Legacy by Nadieh Bremer

Celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope’s 30-year anniversary with these visualizations that take a closer look into the telescope's long history, created for Physics Today.
The main visual is a large poster that reveals the locations of the 550,000+ observations in a map of the sky, color coded by the type of object observed. It furthermore highlights and explains more about several of the most famous and important observations and photos.
It was also adapted and published as a gate-fold in the April issue of the Physics Today magazine.

The second visual was created as a companion piece outlining the different target classifications of Hubble’s observations, from stars to galaxies, gravitational lensing, and more.

Finally, the main poster was turned into an A3-sized format, removing most of the text and focusing on the visualization of the sky map. This has become available for people to purchase as a high quality poster.