Re-imagining Music’s ‘Gold Record’ with Data Art by Nadieh Bremer

This project represents a data art system that I made for Sony Music Entertainment to create data-driven re-imaginations of the ‘Gold record’, the record certifications plaques that celebrate milestones in the journey of a song or album.
Using data from the music itself and from Spotify & Youtube, such as the streams, playlists and chart positions, this data art system brings it all together into a unique poster that shows the “data fingerprint” for each song.
These posters are meant to be printed at the same size as the original gold records, at 40x50cm. My aim was to create something that would be worth it to print and frame, that keeps on giving insights the longer you look. Something that you can appreciate visually in an instant, but it takes longer to gain insights (should you even want to).

You can read all about the design process in this design blog: