Patchwork Kingdoms by Nadieh Bremer

"Patchwork Kingdoms" is a data art charity collection that I created for the "Giga Connect" project of UNICEF consisting of 1000 unique pieces. All proceeds from the sale went to this project, which aims to connect all of the schools in the world to the internet. The Giga project has a dataset of 1 million schools and for ±280,000 of those they know if those schools are connected to the internet. I took this data about the schools, split it into 1000 subsets, and turned each school into a tiny square, using data about the schools to determine other visual aspects. All the squares together build up into two separate kingdoms, where those in the upright kingdoms are schools that are already connected to the internet, while those in the hidden / upside down kingdoms are not. Each of the 1000 pieces is thereby showing the “digital divide” that still exists in our world, and the funds from this sale is helping to bring more schools from the hidden to the upright kingdom.

You can read all about how data has been woven throughout the design of these artworks in my design blog: