Music is My Medicine by Tina Covelli

This visualization speaks to the relationship I have with music. I did a full review of my life in relation to the music I listened to and put it together in a colorful story. With the use of Figma, and Adobe Photoshop, I was able to make my music journey come to life in hopes to share with others how meaningful music is to me. The data was collected from my Spotify data and my personal memory through the years. I compiled and organized all of the data manually, and then added generalized genres through research on Wikipedia of the artists. I wanted the design to be neon colors and smoke, similar to my favorite genre currently which is EDM, and I wanted every element to be oriented with music, even for those that may only take a passing glance as the visualization.
This was originally submitted for the Tableau Iron Viz 2022 competition, and I placed 18th out of ~198 applicants.