Anatomy of the AMC - VUmc Focus Area 'Reproduction & Development' by Mirjam Leunissen

This interactive visualization is mainly aimed at the researchers and policy makers of two large Dutch medical research centers, AMC and VUmc. These centers recently started a large-scale research collaboration, focused on the area of 'Reproduction & Development' (R&D). The goal of this visualization is to show which senior and junior researchers are active in the R&D focus area, where they are located, what types of research they work on, how many people there are per research theme and how the senior researchers at AMC, VUmc and other locations are connected in collaborative networks (through projects in which they share one or more PhD students). The visualization allows researchers and policy makers to quickly identify what the biggest research themes are at the various locations, who share common interests, who collaborate already and who are good candidates for future collaborations. 

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