Gustave Roud. Complete works - Genetic dossiers visualizations by Daniele Ciminieri, Simone Pirini, Mariasilvia Poltronieri, Alessio Sciascia, Giorgio Uboldi

“Gustave Roud. Complete works - Genetic dossiers visualizations” provides a visual representation of the creative process followed by Gustave Roud, Swiss author from the XX century, in the making of some of his most famous literary works. We refer to these visualizations with the phrase “genetic networks”, because they support scholars in inquiring the genesis of literary works. This work is part of the bigger initiative entitled Gustave Roud, «Œuvres complètes», funded by the FNS.
The project draws from a meticulous collection conducted on the archive of Roud by Daniel Maggetti, Elena Spadini, Alessio Christen, plus collaborators from the Université de Lausanne. They examined diaries, notepads, and other preparatory materials in search for clues and evidence of development of Roud’s ideas and writings. The result is a series of ten maps that use a metaphorical approach, through stellar maps, to represent the author’s literary process.