Contrapedal, data for cyclists by X-DATA

Contrapedal was the first project of the "Datalab" of X-DATA, a Mexican data analytics and visualization company. Miguel Zúñiga, information designer and creator of Contrapedal, mixed his two passions: Dataviz & cycling, to give rise to a guide that aims to help beginner cyclists make their transition to the world of riding much more simple, even in one of the busiest cities in the world, Mexico City.

Contrapedal was a technical challenge, data collection, analysis and visualization; it’s built on D3 and is made up of live data, fed by an updated database.

This project is divided in 4 sections: the first one is a diagram of the parts of the bicycle, each of them has a visualization showing the different materials in which we can find this part and its cost-resistance relationship.

The second section is an interactive visualization that helps us choose the best type and brand of bike for us, shows the price range in which it is found and in which specialized stores in Mexico City we can find them.

The third section is a visualization of the total number of kilometers of bicycle lanes that exist in the different delegations of the city and a map where the main bicycle lanes can be filtered according to their category, in order to be able to choose the safest route in each of the city halls.

Finally, a guide to basic tools, accessories, a manual for patching tires and a guide to traffic rules for cyclists was added.

This project shows one of the benefits of dataviz in society: having easy access to and understanding of information can change lives.

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