Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba: Architecture throughout the years by University of the incarnate word

For this project I designed an infographic about the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. The main inspiration for the project were architectural blueprints. I used different tools such as graphics, illustrations, typography and data to come up with the best visual solution for this design.

The main objectives to keep in mind for this infographic were:
1. Simplify: keep the most important information about the subject
2. Make it digestible: keep it compact and focus on a couple of key messages through key information and visual graphics.
3. Make it engaging: Step outside the box and create a creative, functional infographics thats makes people want to look at the it.

An essential aspect of a design piece is the process and intention behind it. Knowing the “Why?” of every technical decision creates a harmonious and effective design to life. The process started doing preliminary research and gathering data about the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba. Then I started the ideation process by sketching and testing different ways to approach this project. During the development phase I created different icons, illustrations and graphics that worked effectively together with typography and color. And finally I came up with the final design. The essence of my inspiration was captured on the infographics and has a good communication strategy that that catches the eye of the viewers. The selection of color, the typography and the graphics worked good together creating an attractive and functional poster.

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