Decoding the 20th Party Congress by Schema Design

The next five years of Chinese leadership lie in the hands of the 20th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This nuanced political system is built on a dizzying array of connections and networks. Decoding the 20th Party Congress visualization aims to make these connections and networks transparent and explorative. The interactive radial graph features an external circle of individuals in leadership and a web of gossamer threads depicting how these individuals are connected, with a multitude of filters to allow for endless exploration and analysis. The individuals on the graph can be grouped by a variety of factors, such as School Attended, Organization, and Ancestry Province; the circular headshots can be sized according to Age and/or National Rank; and the Connections filter toggles between Personal Connections or School Connections. The visualization offers a memorable and thought provoking experience, blending layers of analysis and interactivity into one seamless exploration.