VIEW-hub by Graphicacy

In 2019, the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health selected data visualization experts Graphicacy to overhaul their flagship vaccine data platform, VIEW-hub. This interactive, map-based platform allowed researchers, policymakers, public health officials, and program funders to call up data related to vaccine introduction and use, access, and coverage around the world.

Graphicacy redesign and rebuilt VIEW-hub from the ground up, making the platform more engaging, more intuitive, and easier to update — benefits that will prove especially valuable when new COVID-19 vaccines become available. The new site is a real-time, searchable, map-based visualization of global vaccine data. The fully interactive VIEW-hub platform now serves up current and historical data on several vaccines across 100+ map layers. Within the overhauled VIEW-hub, disease burden datasets gained more prominence to help stakeholders make informed decisions and track progress. Country-specific data was compiled into rich data viz driven pages for each Country.

After COVID-19 Vaccines became available, Graphicacy worked with IVAC again to add new data viz modules to help public health practitioners make sense of this new vaccine landscape. A custom sanky diagram, showing data about the amount and types of studies that have are being conducted on these new vaccines. The diagram helps answer questions like “Which vaccines are being studied the most for safety, or efficacy, and which regions of the world are those studies being conducted?”

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    Carni Klirs, Associate Creative Director & Lead Data Visualization Designer / Graphicacy Eduardo Velez, Lead Data Visualization Developer / Graphicacy Sarah Hodges, Data Visualization Developer / Graphicacy Josh Nerpel, Managing Director / Graphicacy Jeffrey Osborn, Creative Director / Graphicacy
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