Black Lives Matter on Wikipedia by Syennie Valeria

In this project, I want to examine people’s awarness or reaction related to Black lives Matter topic and to look closer into the victims in 2020. Moreover, to analyze how incidents influence people’s behaviour when searching articles on Wikipedia.This piece of work also aims to include gender outside the binary construct. Both black people and trans+non- binary gender have been opressed and experienced discrimination. Therefore, this work is also to acknowledge their existence and demand an equal justice for them. The shape is inspired by an astrology chart that related to the timeline and also the target board as a visual metaphor of the victims that were targeted of police brutality. I loaded the data on R Studio to achieve the circle shape charts. Another piece of data that I collected manually was from the website and CBS News to collect all victim’s name. I added all the names of the victims that are not listed in that website in the background after found other source, CBS News, that has 164 victims name. This aim to give the complete information and recognition to the victims with less publicity in the media. The location of incidents was mapping manually based on the victims that were listed in sayeveryname website.