The Firm: The 1,133 people who work for the Queen by Insider

In January 2022, Insider published a database and analysis of more than a thousand people who work for the Queen’s royal firm. There has never been a full public accounting of the employees and volunteers working behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace.

Our searchable database of 1,133 staff, volunteer, and ceremonial roles in the royal household shows our best estimate of the entirety of the firm, from the tight circle of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest aides to hundreds of daily staff.

The piece utilizes an interactive treemap for readers to explore each department and number of roles under each title.

Five departments formally make up the royal household. Only one, the Royal Collection Trust, publishes an annual report that discloses the names and titles of its employees, from the director to dozens of retail workers. Insider collected the rest of this data through the 2020-21 Sovereign Grant report, the 2020-21 Royal Collections Trust report, Court Circulars, the Queen’s birthday honors and New Year’s honors lists, royal household job postings found online, the royal household website, and public social-media career profiles.