Data Visualizations for WeTransfer's Ideas Report 2020 by Gabrielle Merite

For the third annual Ideas Report, WeTransfer asked 35,000 people how a global pandemic affected their creativity.⁠ Five artists reflected on how they made it through the year themselves and I was asked to create 5 data illustrations and hero images to accompany these texts.

Creativity is quirky, fluid and surprising, like a blurb of paint on a white page, so why not use it as the main medium to communicate data?I wanted to embody the creatives who took the time to answer the survey, of all ages, origins, and backgrounds. I chose to merge the paintings with black and white photography of people or part of people in whimsical collages.

For WePresent's website, I also created custom hero images with additional paint elements and social media formats for their online communication.

WeTransfer displayed the data visualization on all their social media channels: Instagram & Twitter. They created a special page dedicated to the 5 essays and visuals of this series.

Commissioning Editor: Suzanne Tromp (WePresent)

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