Amazonía bajo presión 2020 by Bruna Keese + Julia Tranchesi

The design work for this book, its maps and graphics, was commissioned by Instituto Socioambiental. The book is the product of a partnership between RAISG (Amazonian Network of Georeferenced Socio-Environmental Information) and Instituto SocioAmbiental and consolidates geographic and cartographic research made from a database of 9 countries. The Atlas presents an overview of the serious situation of the Amazon region and its population, the result of highway and hydroelectric megaprojects, the promotion of extractive industries and the growth of illegal activities. It was published in Brazil, in three languages (Spanish - original, Portuguese and English).

The design work focused on presenting the data in a clear, clean and organised but still strong way, in order to reveal the impact of the situation. The publication's large format favours maps and images and the orange pantone color summons the urgency of the theme.

All maps cover the same area, but each one deals with a theme and an enormous density of information. The common base was made to allow these different layers to be readable.