NBA Jam - He's on Fire! by Kevin Flerlage

NBA Jam was an arcade game developed by Midway in 1993. It was a 2 on 2 basketball game using real teams and player likenesses from the NBA. The game featured players that could jump ten feet high and do 720 dunks. It was also known for being filled with Easter Eggs. NBA Jam is famous for the dozens of catch phrases voiced by Tim Kitzrow, modeled after Marv Albert. Catch phrases such as Kaboom and Boomshakalaka became regularly used terms in the actual sport. But the most popular of catch phrases started when a player made two shots in a row without the other team scoring. When that happened, it was announced that, "he's heating up". And if you hit a third one in a row without the other team scoring, you'd hear, "he's on fire". When a player was on fire, he was nearly unstoppable as he was faster and had significantly improved shooting accuracy. And it lasted until the opponent scored. Each player was measured in four attributes. The below charts show the 0-6 rating for each player and attribute along with an overall average.