Stranger Things Soundtrack - S1:E1 by Diego Alonso Solla

There are many reasons why I love Stranger Things: the characters, the script, the style just like the ‘80s… all these elements make it undoubtedly magical. Nonetheless, I believe it’s the music what makes this series so surrounding.

In this report I completely bury myself in the first episode of the series. It’s the episode that has captivated me and made me swallow each and every one of the seasons. I sequentially analyze its songs and the relationship between the characters and the locations of Hawkins.

This data visualization organizes melodies and songs that make up the first episode of Stranger Things – Season 1 (Netflix Original Series, 2016): “The Vanishing of Will Byers”.

All 28 tracks are represented in the graph and are classified into 3 colors according to the author who has created that song. Red and blue colors are referred to those melodies created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (main compositors of the series) and the volume these songs belong to (red for Volume 1 and blue for Volume 2). Turquoise color refers to the rest of the songs (by other composers) that serve as accompaniments to the first ones and that, together with them, conform the soundtrack of this first episode.
A number shown in the lower part of the graph has been assigned to each register, and it points out which melody or song it’s referring to, according to its group of color.

The graph shows the place and the length of the melody/song in the timeline of the episode, and it also shows the character that’s participating and the location they are in.
Furthermore, it analyzes if the action takes place in the Human World or in the Upside Down and, in some cases, if the scene acts as a flashback or if some of the characters die during this episode.

In brief, this project aims to enjoy and delve deep into this wonderful and fascinating soundtrack.