Comprehending the 300,000 people killed by coronavirus in America by USA Today

Back in December 2020 the death of 300,000 Americans was already a staggering, incomprehensible loss. Little did we know then that the virus would take the loves of over six and a half million people, a figure that is climbing by the day.

The concept here was simple: to imagine what it would be like lighting a candle for every American killed by this virus, and placing it in on the ground, each candle a foot apart.

Our imaginary candles honoring the victims of COVID-19 would nearly cover the reflecting pool at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

We then compared this field of candles to losses in major wars, but of course, we would eventually surpass all of those figures over the. next few years.

We closed with a timer counting out 38 seconds, In the 38 seconds, the time it took for 94 Americans tested positive.

And for one more to die.

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