A Year of Internet Shutdowns & Disruptions in Iran by Surasti Puri

The rights to privacy, free expression, and assembly are being eroded as states work to undermine the foundations of the free and open internet. This is brutally apparent in Iran where numerous disruptions were detected in 2020-2021. Filterwatch aims to provide the information and tools to enable journalists and campaigners to hold Iranian policy-makers to account, and to advocate for a free and open internet in Iran.

To this end, ‘A Year of Internet Shutdowns & Disruptions in Iran’ visualises the disruptions over the course of the Iranian calendar year 1399 (March 2020 – March 2021). The bold design of the infographic complements the topic, using glowing orbs and dark empty spaces to evoke access and disruption. This visual language is further expanded to explore the type and frequency of disruptions across different networks. The visualisation is nestled within a larger research piece that uses the same design motifs as the infographic, and exploits the neon-lights aesthetic to highlight the idea of censorship and access.

The entire report, including the visualisation, is designed in both English and Persian.