Your Comprehensive Travel Guide Featuring Airbnb by Taylor's University

Who misses travelling? I know I do!
Explore Airbnb's real data of over 250k listings in the 10 cities spread over 6 continents that make up the world's most popular travel destinations, along with a staggering 5 mil reviews on 182k hosts for 13 historical years. Need a jumpstart after putting a pin in all your travelling plans for far too long? It’s Go Time!
1. Mexico City provides the best value for money, with over 95.9% value ratings and 95.2% overall ratings that are considered highly accurate. In contrast, the hustle and bustle of The City That Never Sleeps has compromised on the quality of service, cleanliness, and communication.
2. Again, Mexico City offers the quickest Host Response Time. High customer engagement, trust, and satisfaction contributes - and no wonder with a notable 32% majority of Super Hosts! A big concern is that >50% of hosts in Rio de Janeiro do not reply within the hour.
3. Oct vacations peak before the year-end rush in Dec-Jan. The lull period is in the middle of most school terms from Apr-May, showing a dramatic drop. Overall, yearly trends reveal that prices are creeping up as demand continues to increase exponentially.
4. Sunday is giving off comfortable weekend vibes with an exponential surge in visitor numbers! Middle of a typical working week prompts the opposite, and similarly Quarter 2 (part 3).
5. Most countries balance listings and scores well, but Hong Kong struggles with greater numbers of listings per host. Hosts - strive for quality rather than quantity.
6. The bedrooms in Rio de Janeiro can accommodate more people. Bigger bedrooms? Possibly! Those in Hong Kong have the least capacity due to limited supply of accommodations, and even that at smaller sizes.
7. Paris is most reviewed among the other popular destinations. Hosts can sure feel the love in The City Of Love!
8. Most AirBnBs rent out the Entire Place. In New York, Istanbul, and Mexico City, vacations in Entire Place and work travels in Private Room are equal in availability and importance. Private Rooms are more common among Hong Kong's limited accommodations. Paris and Rome rent out more Hotel Rooms.
9. A majority of listings in Bangkok can be instantly booked, while Paris offers the higher number of instantly-bookable rentals. Not the case for the bustling New York and Hong Kong!
10. Over the past decade, only the average scores of listings in Cape Town, Paris, and Bangkok have fallen, the latter suffering a severe deterioration. Rome is making leaps and bounds in betterment!
11. New York's Rooms for One is most popular - The City That Never Sleeps must warrant frequent professional work travels!
May the city lights or starry night twinkle at you when you are finding your ideal destination with the best value for travel in the global vacation rental market!
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