COVID-19 Visualizations in Japan by Tokyo Metropolitan University

I am a Japanese data visualization designer and researcher. This entry has been made by me as a member of public. I visualized the COVID-19 situation, which was not reported in detail in the Japanese media.

First, I used heat maps, the wavy lines showing the peak of infection, and animations to show the infection status of each of Japan's 47 prefectures.
Second, all Tokyo municipalities' infection status was superimposed on a population pyramid.
Finally, we visualized how the Japanese government's COVID-19 subsidies were spent.

The feature of my visualization is the last subsidies visualization. The bookshelf-style visualization is a technique I developed myself, in which the amount of money is represented as the thickness of a file case. In addition, a unique vertical word cloud represents frequent words in budget items.

These works were created using Observable and D3.js and presented on social media.

All data is obtained from open data provided by the government and NHK, a public broadcaster. Acknowledgment to the data providers.