The 'Moving' History Of Brighton Hove Albion Football Club by George Fox Illustration

Within this illustration are over 450 chronological facts celebrating the ups and downs of BHAFC. The players, dates, venues, sponsors, goals, records, facts, attendance, league positions, management and city. No detail is left un-researched bringing together over 120 years of information in one single image. Over 80 hours of research and 150 hours of fine pen ink detail accumulate to multiple layers of complex detail in one simple visual creation. Cogs, levers, pullies, pumps, conveyers and mechanics all combine to produce the movements and technology to a workable machine bringing the information to 'life.'

Thats right. Using a hand held mobile or android the 'data' within the image come to life! On viewing details of the illustration through your device (using AR technology) the information is brought straight to your tablet in the form of animation and information links. The players, dates, records and facts - all the information within the picture magically appears as animation in your hand!

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

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