Peep At by Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts

“Data” has penetrated into every industry and business function area today and has become an important production factor. And we can easily find that in this era of big data, no matter what we want to do, it seems that some people are peeking into our lives. In fact, information leakage is the inevitable result of technological progress. Especially in the emergence of the Internet, a lot of information has been generated in the era of big data. Moreover, in recent years, while personal information has been tapped and utilized by various entities, information crimes such as infringements and frauds caused by information disclosure have become increasingly serious. How can we protect our personal rights and avoid living in life? Transparent people have become the purpose of this work. The work collects sensitive information disclosure cases that were publicly reported between 2002 and March 2019. It shows how our information data is leaked through infographics. The works will summarize these cases and try to study the leakage of information data. the trend of. Therefore, we must enhance the awareness of the protection of personal information, do not casually disclose our information and protect our personal rights.

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