Statistics And Forecast Of The Number Of Applicants And Admission Rate by LuXun Academy of Fine Arts

This table lists four groups of data from 31 provinces in China, including the total number of applicants in each year, the number of applicants in each province and the rate of admission. The information content is all true and effective. Through the visual statistical analysis of a large amount of information, the admission in the past few years has been obtained. The regularity of the rate and the number of applicants can be used to forecast the trend in the next few years.

From the chart, it can be clearly seen that the number of applicants for college entrance examination in each province is closely related to the annual rate of one copy. The more the number of applicants, the lower the rate of one copy, the fewer the number of applicants. The higher the cost is, the ratio x is calculated by dividing the annual data of the two and the average ratio x is calculated. Through a large number of data, we can find the trend of one-book rate and calculate the corresponding one-book rate, multiply one-book rate by ratio X and get the estimated number of applicants.