Pasture And Crop

Pasture and Crop was the winning entry for the first 2019 Tableau IronViz Global Feeder. The topic was agriculture, the supplied data set was the 2012 US Agricultural Census, and the contest was judged by three board members of the data visualization society.

Designed to read as a data journalism piece, Pasture and Crop explores the two relationships between the two predominant types of agricultural land: pastureland used for livestock and cropland used for vegetables and grains. This visualization illustrates the geographical distribution of the land types and patterns of chemical and natural aids in each land type. However, the visualization also demonstrates that there is a strong relationship between the two, and one land type can impact the way the other is used. The visualization then dives into the areas where land is used for both cropland and pastureland, showcasing an even deeper complexity – a complexity which impacts our efforts for both ecological and economical sustainability.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

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