Income Disparity In The States by Shing-Yun Chiang

This work demonstrates the distribution of wealth in the United States. A county-level household income dataset is used for the visualization. One county is represented as a circle, grouped by state and ordered from highest income to lowest. Each group of circles include all counties in a state. Sizing and color scale are applied to indicate income levels.

There are two views to perceive the data. One view follows the geography. Each group of circles is arranged by the geographical location of a state, in order to show the spatial distribution. The other view is about gap. Groups of circles are arranged by the gap between the highest-income county and the lowest with in a state.

Distribution is usually visualized by histograms or box plots; this work approaches it in a non-traditional way by sizing, color code, and arrangement. This work enables in-state and cross-state comparisons.

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