The Genius. His Time, Studies & Masterpieces by Alexey Obzhorin

The infographic shows the timeline of Leonardo Da Vinci's life, his scientific studies, major paintings, inventions, key historical events that took place during his lifetime, other artists of his time & their patrons.
The infographic consists of three blocks: time, studies & masterpieces.
“Time as a condition” shows that the Renaissance was full of outstanding artists and it was undoubtedly the best period for Leonardo to develop his genius. The block contains Leonardo's biography, his appearance, the major events of the time, wars, discoveries and breakthroughs in architecture. The block also mentions other famous artists — contemporaries of Leonardo — their lives, their major works & their patrons
“Studies to develop the genius” is the timeline of Leonardo’s scientific studies that describes and compares all of his known manuscripts. It includes a chart to compare volumes of the manuscripts, an analysis of 1450 scientific studies on his favourite subjects that he conducted during his most active years, his inventions, drawings, and anatomy studies.
“Masterpieces as the result” is dedicated to all the Leonardo's works, including the lost & uncompleted ones as well as the works his authorship of which is still disputed. The block also includes a comparison between the biggest equestrian monuments of his time, highlights the differences in Twin "Virgin of the Rocks” Masterpieces (Louvre vs National Gallery versions) and explains which four distinct features of the Mona Lisa make the painting appear so mysterious.

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