Plenum - The European Parliament Visualized by Johannes Longardt, Muthesius Kunsthochschule

Plenum is a website that shows the complex structure of the European Parliament and makes it understandable. In an introduction, basic facts about the parliament are presented and its complete composition is explained step by step.
Then, you can select individual elements to see detailed information. Also links between elements, like the party and faction of a member, can be discovered at a glance. In addition, advanced filters can be used for targeted searches by name, political orientations, accession dates and other aspects.
The project is aimed at all citizens of the EU. It should therefore be available in all EU languages and accessible at home on the computer. Also, it is designed to be shown in exhibitions on larger monitors with touch control. The aim is to make the parliament understandable and, moreover, to raise interest in the EU.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this work:

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