Who Buys From China? by Data-viz.cn

This work is made for our client, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Team. As the client requested, and to suit our target audiences' reading habits, it is a mobile-only version, so please watch it on a phone.

Based on LinkedIn's survey of both Chinese and overseas marketers, this work aims to debunk the stereotype of Chinese B2B brands, reducing asymmetric information between two sides. By using infographics and interactive design, we'd like to provide insightful suggestions of international marketing in a vivid manner.

In this visualization, "Who Buys from China?", we designed the symbol of fish and sea as a metaphor of Chinese marketers and overseas market, as to the huge scale of Chinese marketers and the risk of international business environment.

On the opening page, we animated a shoal of fish diving into the deep ocean, representing the trend of Chinese marketers’ entering the overseas market.

Following are the two main parts of this visualization: the portraits of international business decision makers, as well as the recognition gap between Chinese marketers and business decision makers toward Chinese B2B brands, reflecting the challenges derived from various cultural backgrounds in global branding.

The original piece is in Chinese: http://app.polomi.com/whobuysfromchinacn

Please also check out the English version: http://app.polomi.com/whobuysfromchina

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  • Credits
    Zhou Xiaodan (LinkedIn) - director; He Ruiqi (LinkedIn) - prooducer; Wei Kangyi, Weng Zhuoyi (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - visual designer; Jiang Dongke (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - developer; Jiang Liu, Huo Mojing (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - editor; Li Shuyang (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - multimedia producer; Ma Xu, Huang Weiye (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - animator; Su Haoyun (数可视 Data-viz.cn) - translator
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