Emerge Turns Traditional Patent Wall Into A Real Time Data Painting by Emerge

Commissioned by Pingan technology, Emerge designed and built an interactive experience based around company’s patent records, aiming to make the data touchable and memorable. Using realtime rendering & creative programming tools as a design medium, the installation is driven by particle simulations where data is transformed and visualized with the natural change of particle behaviors.

More than 10,000 patents were put into the webgl realtime renderer, and the installation is controllable via hand gestures, encouraging visitors to engage in the experience. Data and its structure is painted algorithmically, by moving patent entities, resulting in flowing digital geometries. The particle’s visual organization creates unique layouts and patterns that reveal the data’s real meaning.

The self-organizing patent particles move to form a visual symbol that resembles a crystal. From the free-floating ‘crystal’, guests can select individual patents with a motion-activated leap pad or a trackpad. The visual result is a dynamic digital environment that is equally visually immersive and educational about the company’s patents.

The entrant has supplied an additional file for this project: [1]