The Genomic Fingerprints Of Lung Cancer Shape Response To Immunotherapy by Taxiarchis Botsis

The intersection of cancer genomics with novel immunotherapies is revolutionizing patient care. The number of mutations found in tumors has been associated with overall survival of lung cancer patients treated with immunotherapy. Inspired by these findings, we developed a 3D information visualization that illustrates this association. It particularly shows patients’ overall survival (y-axis) versus the number of mutations (x- and z-axis); the wire balls and vertical strings represent the patients and their overall survival, respectively.

This small prototype mirrors the 3D information visualization structure in terms of data and materials used. First, the wire balls are color-coded based on the smoking status (black for current or former smokers and blue for non-smokers). Second, the two blocks at the top of each wire ball represent race (yellow for Asians, black for African Americans, and white for Caucasians) and gender (purple for Females and light blue for Males). Third, the blue wire cover represents patient’s overall survival, the black wire cover signifies a death event, and the white wire cover indicates that the patient was still alive when data was collected.

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