Song Of Songs Similes by Karen Sawrey

A revealing bubble chart... the top 20 similes used in the Bible's poetry book ‘Song of Songs’.

Data was created, analysed and wire-framed before the design. It needed to be traditional and a real labour of love. Starting with research of Middle-East art, illustrating and then cutting the bubbles in lino before printing on an old press.

Fleshy colours were used for the sensual similes and the lattice border to visualise the words “There he stands behind our wall... peering through the lattice.”

  • Credits
    Karen Sawrey - Author, data director, illustrator, designer & art director; David Painting - Data Contributor & Theological Advisor; Alister Tucker - Design Support (lino cutter & printer); Susan Carey - Design Support (Middle East Art advisor); Alex Drury - Design support (design researcher & intern illustrator)
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