40 Years Of Unfair Judgement by Dongchern Cin

The March 1st Independence Movement, which took place on March 1, 1919, was an incident in which Korea protested against unjust and violent the Japanese Empire's rule and rose up throughout the Korean Peninsula by declaring Korea's independence. 33 national representatives led the movement, and it began as a non-violent the resistance movement against the Japanese Empire to coincide with the day of the funeral of King Gojong of the Korean Empire.

The infographic was created to commemorate the March 1st Independence Movement centennial anniversary that collected and visualized more than 19,000 documents of the 40-year-old independence fighter's ruling from 1906 to 1945. Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905 was signed in 1905, and political interference from 1906 of the Japanese Empire began in earnest.

Results of a review of organized data by replacing it with a distribution chart, right after the March 1st Independence Movement, data for about three years accounted for 62% of the total. Therefore, they added separate colors for concern of data becoming complicated.(green, blue)

Through this infographic, you can see the activities for the independence of the people of the Korean Empire and the unfair legal suppression of it by the Japanese Empire. In particular, the number of convictions has exploded right after the uprising. This contrasts with the fact that most cases before the March 1st Independence Movement were acquitted.(violet) This shows that the Japanese Empire suppressed the people of the Korean Empire very hard.