NBC News: Election Confessions by NBC News

Dear Judges:

Election Confessions is a custom-built & custom-designed NBC News web app that lets readers share their innermost thoughts about the presidential candidates and lets NBC staff members decide which thoughts are appropriate to publish on NBCnews.com.

Readers have written more than 40,000 confessions, chiming in on everything from feeling conflicted over being a woman and not liking a particular woman candidate to a reader confessing "I'm a US citizen. I'm not white. I carry my passport now to prove I belong because I'm scared. I make my son carry his too."

We used a modern technical tools & workflow to allow team members to work on tasks simultaneously, we used Amazon's web services to separate submission concerns. To manage, moderate and publish the reader-submitted content we used Django, a news-focused open-source code framework that helps streamline custom journalism projects.

Moderation, which takes place in the Django framework's admin control panel, is a team effort guided by ground rules common to other news organizations.